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No More Butt Calls

Phones put into a pocket often do unintended things like making calls, or starting apps. As the phone is running on full throttle all time the battery gets drained meanwhile.

No More Butt Calls prevents this by switching off the screen and making the processor sleep. If the phone gets activated while being in a pocket – for instance by receiving an unanswered call, or by accidentally pressing the home button – it will go back to sleep immediately. When taking the phone out of the pocket it is ready to use immediately.

Of course this also works when the phone is in a handbag, in a rucksack, in a flip case, lies on the table upside down, or an object is proximate.

Available at Google play.


No More Butt Calls - Key

This app upgrades the free version of No More Butt Calls to full version to avoid any functional restrictions. It does not provide additional capabilities. Please install No More Butt Calls on your device.

Available at Google play.